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Survey shows gender disparity in post-divorce happiness

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

For Texans who are considering a divorce, there are many concerns before moving forward with a filing. That includes child custody, child support, spousal support and property division. These are fundamental issues. There are also background considerations that will factor in with a case.

The simple matter of unhappiness may be one of the deciding factors in moving forward and ending a marriage. In a recent survey about the aftermath of a divorce, women were found to be happier by a two to one margin when compared to men. Consisting of more than 2,000 people, the survey indicates that there could be a disparity as to how people respond to a divorce. Of those who took part, 35% of women said they felt a reduction in stress after they divorced. Seventeen percent of men said the same. There was improved self-esteem for 30% of women and half that for men.

Experts believe that this is linked to which party asks for a divorce. Women say they want a divorce in around 80% of the cases. This implies that the men did not want the divorce and are therefore displeased that the marriage ended. Women are perceived as trying to fix the problems in the marriage. When that fails, they plan their post-marriage future and have completed the grieving process for the unsuccessful marriage. Men tend to be surprised when a woman asks for a divorce and their reaction is consistent with being blindsided. For men, a woman turning largely silent during the marriage could be a warning sign that trouble is on the horizon in the relationship and it may be heading toward divorce.

While factors like infidelity, abuse and indifference are frequently cited reasons for a divorce, unhappiness is a catalyst in a significant number of family law cases. People who are dissatisfied in their marriage may want to think about their options to move on. Regardless of the reason for the divorce filing, legal advice may be necessary throughout the process. Consulting with those experienced in handling divorce cases may be able to help.