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Why second and third marriage may not succeed

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

Even though many first marriages in Texas end in divorce, the rate is even higher for second and third marriages. While it is possible for these marriages to succeed, the odds are against couples entering these unions. Here are the reasons why.

Baggage from the first marriage

There are various issues from previous marriages that can handicap a future partnership from the outset. First, people may be holding on to baggage from their previous divorce that prevents them from fully giving their heart to someone else. Second, there could be drama with the person’s ex-spouse that could still permeate a future marriage. Third, even though children should not be strictly viewed as baggage, their presence can complicate a second marriage for both spouses. In any event, spouses are not starting with an entirely clean slate.

Money is tighter

Spouses may still be struggling with financial issues from their first marriage. The divorce settlement may have left them in bad shape financially. Alternatively, they could still be paying child or spousal support. One of the main reasons why couples fight is money, and this could come into play for a second marriage. Spouses may be resentful that the couple cannot afford certain things because one spouse may still be paying obligations from a past marriage. This could doom a marriage from the start.

When a second marriage fails, there may be complicated financial issues that need to be addressed in the divorce. It could present thorny legal matters that may benefit from the counsel of a divorce attorney. Even though you have been divorced before and are familiar with the system, you may still want the help of a professional, especially since support and property division matters could be even more complicated than they were the first time.