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How to maintain a strong and health coparenting relationship

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

Co-parenting for divorced parents in Texas can be challenging, but there are strategies parents can follow to remain positive and civil. The very act of focusing on the positive rather than the negative aspects can improve the co-parenting relationship.

Strong foundations

Successful co-parenting is rooted in the understanding of both parents that each of them is important in the lives of their children. Based on this, effective co-parents will make an effort to attend events that their children are involved in without creating friction, to treat one another respectfully in front of their children, and to avoid manipulating one another. With a focus on the best interests of the child, co-parents can reach an agreement on the major issues in a child’s life even if it takes some time, negotiation, and a co-parenting plan in writing to get to this point.

Effective schedule management

A co-parenting relationship that works also has a consistent child custody and visitation schedule at its heart that both parents are committed to. However, this commitment does not mean absolute rigidity. Healthy co-parenting means making every effort to stick to the schedule while also acknowledging that there will be times when flexibility is needed and that it is necessary to deviate from it. Parents should talk to one another about any short- or long-term changes they need to make in the schedule. They should also give one another first right of refusal for child care, meaning that if one of them needs a babysitter, the other parent should be contacted first.

It can be challenging to reach a point where parents are able to co-parent together, but it can help for each of them to remember that someone who was not a good spouse for can still be a good parent. This reminder can help the parents put their children first and work to maintain a strong co-parenting relationship. An attorney can help create a co-parenting and child custody schedule and agreement that is amenable to both parents.