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Talking about child custody when you first address divorce

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When people in Texas decide to get a divorce, the first step they might need to face is talking to their spouse about their decision. When divorcing partners are parents, the conversation may also revolve about how the divorce will affect their children.

When to approach a spouse about divorce

Making the decision to get a divorce usually comes after a lot of considerations. Things to consider before speaking to your spouse include:

  • Where to tell your spouse about the divorce
  • What is going in your spouse’s life and in the family’s situation in general
  • How your children will be affected by the divorce
  • What words you will use to bring up the topic of divorce without making your spouse feel attacked or blamed

How to tell your spouse you want a divorce

With such a delicate subject as divorce, honesty and kindness are important. Your spouse’s reaction to the news, particularly if unexpected, might not be what you wish to deal with, but you should be prepared. Be ready to explain your decision in a calm, clear manner.

What to discuss in relation to the children

If you and your spouse have children, the subject of child custody might come up in the initial conversation. While it is best not to discuss the details of your divorce settlement at that moment, as parents, you will need to speak about how to tell the children about the divorce as well as what you both expect for the family going forward. Most importantly, try to keep the best interests of the children in mind as you begin discussing the future.

Once you have told your spouse you would like to seek a divorce, you may also consider speaking with a lawyer with family law experience. A lawyer might explain the different options available to you and help you plan a divorce strategy.