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Challenges associated with a grey divorce

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Older adults in Texas are not immune to marriage problems. Persons entering into a second or third union sometimes discover that their new marriage doesn’t appear to be working out. Even couples married for several decades may grow apart, leading to divorce. A “grey divorce” is not as uncommon as most people think, and those going through such proceedings may deal with complexities they hadn’t previously considered.

Reasons behind a grey divorce

Some may wonder why grey divorces occur. Every situation is unique, but common threads among such divorces provide insights.

People over the age of 50 could have concerns that younger persons do not. Health problems may arise when someone ages, and issues surrounding financial security could also emerge. When one spouse does not take things as seriously as the other, marriage troubles can occur.

People might grow apart over the years, and the distance between the two might become insurmountable. Sometimes, the presence of children in the home, even older children, helps keep the couple together. When the children move out of the house, problems and differences may become more apparent. The so-called “empty nest syndrome” often leads to divorce.

Some marriages deal with troubles for years. Infidelity, abuse and other serious issues might become too much to bear, and a spouse finally files for divorce.

Divorce and beyond

Regardless of the reason, divorce will bring changes for the soon-to-single spouses. Severing a marriage that took years to establish brings with it complex issues. For example, what happens to a life insurance policy? An ex-spouse could cancel the policy, leaving the other former spouse in a difficult situation. Seeking spousal maintenance might suddenly become a priority.

Divorce negotiations could explore support, property division, joint business matters and more. The complexities might extend to issues beyond the divorce settlement. A newly single person may need to take over many responsibilities formerly handled by an ex-spouse. Lack of experience may be an unavoidable issue to address.

A divorce attorney could discuss a client’s concerns about a grey divorce. The attorney could also seek to negotiate an equitable settlement that avoids going to court.