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Preparing for a child custody hearing

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When you’re preparing for a child custody hearing in Texas, you may not know what to expect. Start by hiring a lawyer who has your best interest in mind and who will work hard to protect your rights. Get familiar with the child custody laws in the state to ensure that you know what questions to ask your lawyer.

Obtain supporting documentation that can help outline your position. Such information could include phone calls between your children, as well as a visitation schedule log. It’s also necessary to request a custody evaluation if your spouse is attempting to put your home life in a negative light so that you can prove that you provide a healthy and safe environment for your kids.

Child custody mistakes to avoid

When you obtain child custody, there are a few mistakes to avoid that can threaten the child custody terms. Avoid failing to have adequate documentation, which is necessary for providing proof and evidence to the judge. You should also avoid speaking poorly about your ex to your kids or putting them in a negative light. Failing to communicate can also lead to issues and will create tension with your ex as you work hard to share custody together. Avoid breaking the law or being charged with a crime, which can cause you to lose child custody and visitation rights.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you need help obtaining child custody or making modifications to the current terms, contact a family law attorney who has experience in handling similar cases and who can provide you with representation. This legal professional can inform you of your right and will work hard to make the outcome work in your favor after reviewing the details of the case. He or she will also handle matters that include alimony, divorce, and child support.