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Balancing career and family time in custody arrangements

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Once the divorce is final, for the breadwinner with career responsibilities, the limitations that custody arrangements place on parenting or visitation time can seem unfair. Where one parent who does not work or has a less stressful job may argue for more parenting time, the higher earner does not have to relinquish their rights as long as they are willing to make some adjustments.

Texas custody is called conservatorship, which can be a joint managing conservatorship in which both parents share the rights and duties of a parent, or a sole managing conservatorship, in which one parent has these responsibilities.

Making room for more parenting time

There are some useful ways of making the most of current arrangements while juggling a busy career:

  • Prioritize the children’s needs in relation to career responsibilities. It is best to negotiate for time that the parent can realistically commit to. Weekday overnighters may seem less desirable if it means getting the kids ready for school, feeding them, getting them to and from school and having to make work arrangements to accommodate sudden changes, like the child’s illness.
  • Communicate your family commitments to superiors and co-workers in order to create a more flexible work schedule. Corporate culture is more receptive than in the past to the need for employees to balance work and family, especially after a divorce.
  • Make sure to create rules that both parents will follow. If the parent who stays at home hires a babysitter on occasion, the breadwinning spouse should have the leeway to do the same.
  • Be aware that the courts always consider what is best for the children in determining parenting time, and do not automatically consider the parent with fewer work responsibilities to be the better caretaker.

Co-parenting and quality time

One of the greatest concerns of many parents after a divorce is being able to manage work and family stresses without giving up quality time with their children. The breadwinner who can convince a judge of his intentions by making realistic commitments to caring for his children will have a stronger case for sharing custody.

Finding experienced and dedicated legal counsel serving Kaufman County can help you to advocate for your parental rights while exploring custody options.