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Getting along with an ex for your child’s sake

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2021 | Firm News

The decision to get a divorce can be an agonizing one, and then the divorce process itself can be emotionally difficult. After hours of negotiating property division, child custody and all the other issues in a divorce, you may never want to see your ex again.

That attitude is understandable, but if you have young children with your ex, it’s unworkable. If you are sharing custody with your ex, you will have to continue to work with them according to the co-parenting plan you negotiated. That will take care of the big picture, but you will also have to stay in regular contact to coordinate drop-offs, pickups, holidays and all the other logistics of co-parenting.

Safety and cooperation

Before we go any further on this topic, we have to point out that your safety and the safety of your child come first. If you have concerns about your ex committing violence against you or your child, you should speak with someone from a reputable domestic violence organization such as the Texas Council on Family Violence. You can also speak to an attorney about your rights and options for protecting yourself.

For most parents violence is not an issue, but even for the most peaceable people, all these encounters with an ex can dredge up old resentments and bitterness. Perhaps this is unavoidable. After all, there is a reason these couples are no longer together. But for the sake of their children’s development, co-parents need to show each other at least some minimal amount of respect and civility. This will not only make the logistics of co-parenting go more smoothly, it can serve as a model of responsible behavior for your children, and provide them with a level of stability they need in a time of transition.