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Survey says home improvement projects raise chance of divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

In Texas and throughout the United States, there are many catalysts for divorce. Often, this includes basic unhappiness, infidelity, financial struggles, abusive behavior, a lack of compatibility and much more. There are also underlying issues that arise. They can be sparked by unusual circumstances. Researchers assess these factors by conducting surveys with people about what might have led to their marital problems. Recently, HomeAdvisor conducted a survey about a relatively innocuous activity – home improvement projects – and found that it was a surprising source for acrimony leading to separation and divorce.

Costs and stress

In its survey, HomeAdvisor asked nearly 1,000 people who moved forward on a home improvement project how it might have impacted their marriage. Seventy percent stated that it was a “great relationship test.” Worryingly, 39% expressed regret that they embarked on the project at all. Seventeen percent said the aftermath was so problematic that they either separated or got divorced. Getting into specifics, the survey found that money was a commonly referenced reason for the spouses to have marital woes.

According to HomeAdvisor, 80% said the budget was a continuing concern as the couple tried to agree on or stay within a budget for their home project. In addition, 43% said aesthetics were the source of disagreement with the parties being unable to find common ground on what they wanted the result to look like. Forty percent could not even get on the same page regarding an overriding vision for the endeavor. The size of the project itself was relevant with 31% saying the dispute stemmed from a large-scale project. Nearly half said smaller factors came to the forefront with something as simple as selecting what color to paint a room contributing to discord.

Regardless of the reason, it is important to be prepared when getting divorced

People can grow apart and decide to leave a marriage for myriad reasons. This survey is an example as to how seemingly positive ideas can decline into acrimony and cause people to rethink their entire situation, often culminating in divorce. No matter why a person is getting divorced, there are fundamental aspects to think about. Child custody, child support, possession (visitation), property division, alimony – all can be obstacles to address. When weighing options, it is imperative to have professional guidance with how to proceed.