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Are the rumors that January is “Divorce Month” true?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Uncategorized

There is at least one study which suggests the common belief that January is Divorce Month is true, at least to some extent.

The study, conducted by scholars at a major university, determined that in one state, the number of new divorce filings hit a low point in December. After December, in January, the number of filings increases considerably.

Compared with the holiday months of November and December, January is indeed rightly called a “Divorce Month”. Anecdotes from family law attorneys and even analysis of online searches back up January’s reputation as a month that is hard on marriages.

However, the rest of the story is that January is not the month in which most people file for divorce.

Filings actually peak in Mach before trailing off a bit during late spring and most of the summer. There is a secondary peak in August, and then the number of filings drop steadily through December until rising sharply in the new year.

Although there might not be one explanation for these trends, some have suggested that people may deliberately put off a planned divorce until after the winter holidays.

Likewise, during warmer months in which family vacations are common, parents may prefer to wait until a more opportune time to start a life-changing and difficult process.

Divorce is a difficult and possibly complicated process any time of year

Any divorce carries with it a source of emotional strain, and it frequently causes legal and financial difficulties as well. Whether a Texas resident is facing a divorce in January or some other time of year, he or she needs to prepare for what can be a complicated process.

A resident of the Kaufman County can overcome the challenges a divorce presents, but he or she should understand his or her legal options fully.