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Helping kids through divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2023 | Child Custody, Divorce

Among the biggest concern for parents going through a divorce is ensuring the welfare of their children. For the reason, parents often ask what they can do to help their children through the divorce process.

Acknowledge the impact

It is important for parents to recognize that divorce can be an incredibly challenging experience for children of any age. Children often sense their parents’ stress and may blame themselves for the divorce.

Stay involved

To help children cope, experts recommend that parents try to stay as involved as possible in their children’s lives. It can be helpful for parents to schedule one-on-one activities with their children and attend important events in the child’s life like sporting events.

A parent’s continued involvement reinforces for children that their parents will always be there and love them unconditionally.

Work hard to co-parent

While conflict and anger are common emotions in a divorce, children should never be placed in the middle of their parents’ conflict. Remember that parenting is about helping a child be happy and healthy, not resolving disputes between parents.


Parents should communicate honestly with their children about divorce. Explain upcoming changes, such as changes to living arrangements or routines, in an honest fashion, ideally together as a parenting team.

Encourage children to be open and honest about their feelings. Listen and acknowledge each child’s emotions. Reassure children that things will be OK and that their parents will always love them.

Maintain routine, when possible

Maintaining routines can be helpful for children by giving them a sense of stability. Remember divorce involves a lot of changes, so maintaining routines as much as possible ca help with a child’s sense of security.