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Battling for child custody in Texas

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Child Custody

Most parents proclaim that they would do anything for their child. The child often feels and sees this throughout their life and the idea is further emphasized when parents divorce. Any Texas parent can contend that divorcing with children is anything but easy. It is a difficult and emotional process, making it imperative that you understand how best to navigate the matter and how best to protect your parental rights.

Navigating custody matters

The attorneys at Wyble Law Firm, PPLC, understand how challenging it can be to go from being with your children daily to no longer living with them every day. Whether you are seeking to have the children live with you primarily or are navigating a joint arrangement, our law firm can help you gain a better understanding of your options and what steps are necessary to reach a final child custody order.

Texas custody

While all states have different types of child custody arrangements, the state of Texas is unique and specific. There are two types of custody in the state. The first is joint managing conservatorship. This arrangement has both parents sharing the rights and responsibilities of a parent. While custody is shared in this arrangement, it is important to note that one parent could be awarded the right to make decisions for the child. This includes decisions concerning health, education, religion and others outlined by state statute.

The second type of custody in Texas is sole managing conservatorship. Much like the name suggests, this is when one parent has custody, allowing for them to take on all duties for the child. Decision-making rights could be shared or awarded to the sole parent in this type of custody.

It is not uncommon to be stressed and overwhelmed by a child custody matter. It can be a confusing and emotional time; however, it is also a time to advocate for your parental rights and ensure the best interests of your children are met.