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When Family Matters Turn Legal

Much of family life has to do with sharing histories and experiences together. At the same time, financial and legal aspects of a family affect us all in various ways. We can understand some of the legal ties that bind families when we consider the nature of a birth certificate, a marriage license, a medical decision for a family member, the enrollment of a child in school or an inheritance.

Similarly, the personal factors in divorce are just that – personal. Separation from a spouse can feel like a cataclysm, a  failure or at least, a profound life change. Only you can find the keys to stability and even reclaim happiness beyond the process of your divorce. As part of the transition, you must also deal with legal matters. These may include division of property like bank accounts, real estate and business assets. Ultimately, a court order will declare your new identity as a single person once again. You will also most likely create a new or revised estate plan.

When children are involved, definitions of parental rights and responsibilities count, too. These matters will form part of a divorce decree or may be a factor in the separation of unmarried parents.

A Full Array Of Services For Your Family

In all areas of family law, Wyble Law Firm, PLLC, treats clients with sensitivity and respect. We aim to achieve clients’ goals while respecting their priorities, while offering transparency in legal fees. Attorney Kelsey Wyble and our talented legal staff are prepared to work closely with you in pursuit of what you need, such as:

  • simple or complex divorce, whether uncontested or contested

  • A high-asset divorce, which may require business valuation and investigation of hidden assets

  • child custody (legally known in Texas as “conservatorship”), visitation and child support arrangement

  • Determination of spousal support (alimony)

  • Modification or enforcement of family court orders

  • Grandparents’ rights involving custody, guardianship or adoption

  • A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement (to draft, formalize, evaluate or challenge)

  • A paternity action

  • A stepparent adoption or another form of adoption

  • A domestic violence matter, perhaps including a restraining order

  • A child protection case

In disputed cases, we help clients arrive at resolutions through settlement conferences, mediation or litigation. We can pave the way to an amicable resolution or fight fiercely on your behalf, depending on your preferences and opportunities that your case presents.

A Law Firm That Cares About You And Works For You

We consider the practice of family law to be a special vocation for attorneys who excel at it. Not every lawyer who knows the rules has the heart to treat clients with the care and consideration they need at a challenging time. Attorney Kelsey Wyble and our entire legal staff truly care about our clients’ well-being. Let us hear about your situation and explain what our law firm can do to help. Call 972-524-9222 or send an email message to schedule a consultation.

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